Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Travel Tuesdays-Portland!

ya i know its wednesday. whatever.
so, i'll start from the beginning. that always seems to be a good place to start. (**Keep reading, do not be alarmed. that was not a lead in to a philosophical breakdown of the word 'beginning' **).
so we, being my dad and i, headed off to the airport at 5 in the morning. fun. (sarcastic flag not raised. theres something adventurous and exciting about heading out early in the morning to a far off land......or portland. same difference really) so we went on a plane. then on another plane cuz we were in chicago, not portland. then we were in portland. but not like downtown portland. so we took a bus (excitement flag raised). so then we were in downtown. but we had suitcases. so we headed to our luxury choice of staying right? no. somewhere far better. Ace Hotel!!!! coolest place ever. if you ever go to portland, stay there (note: that was not a suggestion). so the lobby is cooler than the cooliest hangout place youve ever seen. there is always a motley group of interesting looking floor models (sarcastic flag raised. i just have such a hard time believing a hotel could have such a motley group of cool people 24/7 that i choose to believe they are hired floor models) strategically placed by windows, laughing, reading, looking cool and serious, or sipping their $5 stumptown coffee latte handed to them with a (most likely fictional) story of the small family farm it came from and an order to appreciate the background by nodding seriously (note: this is an unspoken order. when you go there i highly suggest you do it or be shamed upon. and i know no one wants to be shunned by the coolest people on the block. *middle school flashback.* so yeah.....what was i talking about?)
right. ace hotel. so we got checked in. walked up the rickety wooden stairs to floor 2 (sorry i just had to try saying it like that....its what the english say...they are so cool. but for yall americans: the second floor) and entered the coolest hallway ever. ( i know you all have been dying wondering: pictures will be featured in the next post). we then open our awesome wooden, forest green colored fabric donned door to our awesome room. i know i said this place was not luxury. so your probably wondering why its so "cool" and "awesome." pictures will be coming soon but i will try not to be lazy and use 1000 words (get what i did there? anyone? cuz im probably not gonna use 1000 words) to describe it.
its rustic. its grundgy. its urban. the rooms are like apartment lofts. its homey. warm. it has a cool coffee shop feel (dont think starbucks....not cool. another tip for when you go to the Ace Hotel: you dont like starbucks, got it? bash the place–try to sound like the real deal by saying things like "low standards" "big business" "corporate" "unfair trade" "small coffee growers are suffering" or anything to that effect–within earshot of anyone near (especially anyone donning a scarf, hat, and a coffee cup as an accessory) and youll be in the cool crowd for sure). so basically its a rustic urban grundgy cool loft apartment coffee shop hotel.
so back to the trip.....we went in our room, put away our luggage. i waited while my dad took his routine just-got-off-a-plane-im somewhere cool-need-to-freshen-up-shower. but this is getting really long. so ill finish it l8r. to be continued......

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