Thursday, June 9, 2011

recipe thursdays!

(sorry its not an alliteration)
soooo the other day i made like a goat cheese soft taco with a watermelon slushy that was awesome. so here it is, sorry i dont measure things when i cook:
soft taco: sautee some onions and garlic in olive oil and honey then add some rosemary and balsamic vinegar. when all carmelized, add goat cheese to melt and put in a warmed tortilla and add strawberries.
watermelon slushy: blend raspberry juice (its awesome), watermelon, ice, mint, lime juice, and strawberries
makes a good summer lunch

p.s. sorry about the horrible was just on my phone...horrible lighting and composure etc

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

travel tuesdays!

where i talk about past travel experiences or simple daily "traveling" adventures from which i actually depart my room.

last saturday my dad and i drove down to austin for my audition...we woke up at 5 and i scrambled in a hurry to pack everything i might need (we were coming back that day at 4.........but still) and ran out of the house with no breakfast and departed on a 3 hour car ride to was really fun. i took my usual place in the back seat and spread out. got out my ipod, did my make-up, changed shirts on a last-minute whim ( i REALLY overpacked), ate a banana and started reading my current romance novel and settled in. it didnt take to long before we were there. austin is a REALLy cool city by the was awesome but it would be a lot cooler if werent so hot (no pun intended) but seriously it was unbearably scorching. i quickly ran inside the hotel where the audition was being held and searched around till i found the audition room (apparently im not good at loooking at signs that point you exactly where to go, because i didnt even see them till afterwards). so i nervously sat down with my script and expected to be waiting there all day, while my dad was out scavenging like he does and of course found an awesome breakfast burrito. but i was actually in under two hours! i got there at 8 and texted my dad i had gone at 9:30, even though i was 1181 in line! so that was cool cuz then we got to explore for the rest of the day. we went to the original whole foods then checked out some street food carts and found an awesome thrift store called Bohemian that was extremely overpriced for a thrift store but i think it was because they only sold realllly cool vintage finds that youd be lucky to find even one of at a regular thrift store. so i guess you could call it a "select" thrift store...and let me tell you it was cool. so here's some pics

Monday, June 6, 2011

Music Monday!

so starting now every monday ill have a music column! where i will highlight an artist/band/duet i really like...
this week is Clarensau!! they are an amazing boy-girl duet and i absolutely love their sound....i discovered them while listening to pandora and fell in love with endless melody, summer's love song, and love

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Anthropologie: my favorite store....

so follow this link....and you will find THE coolest outdoor chair ever made....since the hammock

Anthropologie is incredible if you havent heard of it....they have the coolest clothes ever (besides free people and urban outfitters which happened to be owned by anthropologie...) and the coolest home design stuff and when you walk in the store will fall in love.....and want your house designed by whoever master designer designs this store!!haha i never want to leave its that amazing


as a long-time avid coldplay fan who'd heard a couple years ago from a (apparently) misinformed friend that coldplay had split i was ECSTATIC to hear they had a new single! i listened to it however and found my hopes had been too high....but it wasnt awful. just not their usual sheer genius. so im waitin for the new album to come out and well see...please dont let me down coldplay!

shoe love!

ok, well none of the pictures i tried to upload would......except for these two! so yeah these are pretty cool...wish i could show yall some more :/
will try again later

p.s. i would probably only wear the latter when venturing into a forest though the heels in the forest would definitely be some good photo shoot material....

Friday, June 3, 2011

late night reading snacks

i love blue cheese with a passion and also enjoy trying it with new things and putting in new dishes. for midnight its best with some dark chocolate and rooibus tea :)

my summer retreat

a bed full of books.....and some cardboard speakers :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my philosophy for summer

il bel far niente is the italian phrase for the beauty of doing nothing.
need i say more?

cute craft

So one of my goals this summer was to do more crafts....hopefully ill get around to making this awesome paper mache teacup!! directions on how to make here:

rose mania i my title so accurately says....last week i went kind of rose maniac. so i recieved a bouquet of roses ( i know right?! but was from my parents) and realized how much i adored these red flowers. ive never been too much of a flower person so i found it odd that i grew such a strong girlish affinity for the romantic cliche. nevertheless....i fell.....and i fell hard. I hung them all around my room...scattered the petals....put whole roses in my hair.....put rose petals in my pockets.....ya this is soo me. yeah everyone thought i was some kind of freak but i loved it and didnt really care what the populous thought (i.e. my class of 12 close friends....) lol! so no because of the extremely small size of my school i was not direly made fun of......i have an appreciation for these people. they have kindly and unjudgingly (ok minor judgements have been made. theyre not perfrect, people) schooled with me despite my many quirks: the crazy hair do's (lets face it: when is my hair NOT crazy) the red lipstick (a still ongoing phase), my harry potter obsession, my strong beliefs about fashion, my awful singing voice (though i love to sing! lol), and my hatred of sports (they dont really understand this at any level), my affinity for trees, my strong food beliefs (noticing a pattern of strong beliefs?) and the list goes on and on. so i may never be normal and im ok with that.....and the next time i get a bouquet of roses (please dont be from my parents!) i will probably become maniacally consumed with the need to put them everywhere, so three cheers to the crazy rose girl and may i never stop living with conviction and passion!

me url may be misleading. i am not from san francisco (that hurts to say). i wish i were. ive been there so many times it feels like a second home to me.....a better home. i love it there so much living in texas seems alien. ok, maybe not so much...but i wish i lived there. living here doesnt feel right, but i make the most of it. braving staggering heat, biting my lip as my sister tells her adventures of living in sf (oh yeah did i mention that?)....but sister rivalries and swealtering heat aside.....texas can be ok....well its getting better anyway...local food is hitting off...better restaurants are popping up.....the summer well....i prefer to stay in my bed cave reading all summer anyway. but anyway.. what the heck is this blog about? i have no idea really....i thought about naming it a forest of thoughts, but decided not to share my deepest thoughts with the internet... so now im taking a diffferent direction.... a swirvy road really. one full of fashion and food and maybe some of my thoughts. i may veer off the road and walk barefoot into a magical forest now and then, so bare with me....and come along it will be a rough path i am sure, but what is life without a little off road adventures?? into a deep twisting forest? who knows what you will find or learn from what i find and learn.........
this blog is a map, or perhaps more correctly a mixmatched guidebook, of me if i were forest