Friday, October 14, 2011

Paradise by coldplay

ok so i know a couple months ago i kinda went off about coldplay's new song "paradise"
i was extremely excited for a new song and was caught totally caught off guard by the hip hop-y beat
i thot coldplay had left their sweet melancholy roots and tried to enter the popscene
i was mortified (as a good fan should be)
but i realized i should give the song a second chance. (not because Taylor Swift just tweeted it was like a mythical journey or anything.........) but it made me realize id only listened to about half the itunes demo of the song.....i never even heard the real deal! so this morning i listened....and it had me from the beginning. it was so beautiful. beyond their usual was different...but i think its always hard for fans when artists grow and change. that of course was my reaction last time. but i love it so much now. it does have a lot more sound effects than usual but theyre perfect and not at all mainstream. and though it did have me dancing (not normal for a coldplay song) it was simultaneously melancholy....sounds like an oxymoron i know...but it was enchanting and most definitely a mythical journey. and ive found that contradictions are often the best things in
here's to contradictions!