Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My happiest moments

Last night i saw the movie "the namesake." in passing it was mentioned to think of your happiest moment and close your eyes and stay there. i immediately thought what is my happiest moment or some of my happiest moments. i couldnt think of anything at first so i put it aside to mull over later. so i did. these are the top ten happiest moments of my life: (note 60% of these occured in san francisco...of course....20% occurred in my imagination)
1. Driving down highway one in a convertible with my dad. we were on our way to point reyes and it the most scenic drive ive ever driven. the air smelled amazing. the bay was on our left and the green cliffs to our right. well actually the road was on the green cliffs...
2. The next morning we woke up in point reyes and i saw it for the first time. we had driven in in the dark the night before. i looked up out the window behind my bed and it was fogged over. hills in the distance. trees. the owner of the cabins was riding on a horse. it was beautiful.
3. Across the bay from sanfran theres a quaint little town called sausalito. we stayed there in a hotel for a couple nights. the hotel was overlooking the bay with saliboats and san fran in the distance. and the golden gate bridge. so when we first got checked in the hotel i went out on our patio and i smelled in that fresh sweet air of california that was tainted with the best smelling flowers i never could have imagined. sausalito was picturesque and just across the street was the view of the bay.
4. When Molly killed Bellatrix in the seventh harry potter book :)
(note: getting that book the night it came out-and reading it-was also an extremely blissful yet bittersweet time. yet here im listing particulair moments where i stopped to abosrb the moment and focused on etching it in my mind forever)
5. My sister's wedding in san francisco was a really happy trip and time. the standout eyes closed moment however took place the night before when we the whole wedding party was crowded in the hostel living room floor while all the musically talented took turns playing guitar and singing. exact moment: when my brother was playing
6. her actual wedding day. exact moment: right after when we climbing back up the rocky cliff and through the bridge. up from the lighthouse, the foggy view of san fran across the bay. the sun setting.
7. The first time i got something at anthropologie. it was a blue coat. my dad and sister were there. it was christmas eve. he bought it for me while i was looking at other things. i got to where it out of the store :) exact moment: i wore it out and saw it was snowing. on christmas eve. in texas. in my coveted blue coat :) (note: other happy moments at anthro include every time i walk in the store and i take a deep breath of the smell of the store and my dad and i saw say simultaneously "im home")
8. when i was 6 and my dad bought me a beagle. he was a puppy. cutest dog ever. exact moment: my dad set him up in my room under a box while i was somewhere else and i walked in and he climbed out from under the box. i started crying. the camera was rolling (of course...oh my dad lol)
9. when we were driving in a rented convertible to this lodge across the bay from san fran at night. there was this moment when there was this perfect foggy (isnt it always? :)) view of the city. it was all lit up in the dark night and it was really mystical looking. enchanted kind of. beautiful. strangely purplish
10. When ron and hermione kiss in the seventh harry potter book. wow. really great. (another i would add if 11 was as rounded as 1o: harry and ginny's kiss in book 6)

so these were just a few. 10 out of hundreds. these were just the ones that first came to mind when i started a mulling. however once i started many poured out of the depths of my memory long since forgotten. i think this is a really thing to do. try it. many people think of things theyre grateful for. why not happy moments?

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