Thursday, August 11, 2011

travel tuesday!

ok so its thursday whatevr....i really need to change that...BUT i dont have to because i have decided to make this purely a travel blog! yay! im sure ill veer from travel from time to time but thats ok. so tuesday i traveled to dallas and had a fun day. my dad and i went to north park mall where i tried on stuff at anthropologie and free people which was awesome! i found some amazing stuff but it was expensive so i didnt actually buy but i saw some awesome glasses as well that i think i will b getting! (stay tuned) so anyway we also went to mockingbird station and ate at urban taco! i recommend it....awesome chips...great tacos. also get the avocado dip...its good. we then saw the indie film "another earth." see it–u wont b let down. it was great.

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