Saturday, August 20, 2011


Dear travel diary,
today i went to Austin. so i heard they needed "atmosphere people" for this sci fi film. so i begged my dad to take me claiming itd start my acting career etc etc. So since hes pretty amazing he agreed and we made a day out of it (more on that later). so i went to the address of the place the said pretty early. it was a comic book shop. called Dragon's it was outgeared with the typical things youd expect to see after seeing some movie portraying nerds in a comic book shop. scarily like that. like exactly like that. there were tables set aside for "miniature game play" (?) and there were some pretty serious nerds. in the back there was some huge game going on involving cards and knights and such (dont ask me). my dad and i could not stop cracking up silently about how serious they were. i had to keep facing the opposite direction so they wouldnt was pretty bad. so it was filled with all kind of "priceless" comic books and stuff i didnt understand. but anyway the workers had no idea what i was talking about when i said i had come for the film....Goliad uprising i said...still no clue....worker checking "event calendar" nothing going on today.....hmmmm..... they have stuff going on some days? i start to freak out a little. cuz first of all i had expected there to be cameras and film crew and other crew type people surrounding the place....i was only 3o minutes early!...i checked the email again....right address...this was dragon's lair comic book i just wait. feeling extremely lame because im in a nerd shop. and i dont belong here. and they said theres no movie going on. but i stayed. so who knows what theyre thinking. and i have no idea what to do. so i flip through some comic book entitled "prince-less." eventually another girl comes in with tan cothes and a hat and gloves (the costume requirements). phew. but why is no one else here?!?! so by now after the short wave of relief i feel even more idioc because this must be the smallest thing ever. none of the crew is even here yet which suggests it would take no time at all to set up. which means this is not a big budget hollywood movie. this is an indie. which is cool! dont get me wrong! but that means i drove 3 hours to be an EXTRA in an INDIE film. so eventually they arrive (2 min past the time they told me to be there just saying) and im proven correct. this is the smallest movie making ever. by now im thinking this some student project. but no its an indie film. ok. this is alright. no one has to know i made a huge deal out of this and drove 3 hours to get here. "yeah im from austin...just saw this....decided to drop by" i practiced in my head. oh please God please dont let my father tell anyone we came all the way from fort worth. omigod hes so going to...he has no clue...omigod he just did....he told the girl who had come second after me...omigod now she probably thinks im some prissy bratty girl who came here hoping to get fame or something....omigod please dont tell anyone else dad! thank goodness he didnt...thankfully he didnt say much to anyone after that. phew. so by now all the extras are here (about 7) and theyre ALL way older than me... like college! or older! so i now feel extremely lame and out of place (why did i come here?! i thought for like the 4th time im so stupid!) so then we go outside to start filming...which is why the dragons lair were not privy to was just being filmed outside their shop...and the director started explaining the plot which was pretty interesting and so i started getting excited! even though it was 117 degrees and i felt like water was gushing out of my feet which were in unwisely chosen leather (super cute) shoes, it was fun and i felt like i belonged because there was a camera near my face....a director giving directions....and even though i had no lines i had a role to play and a character to be! success!

august 15

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