Tuesday, June 7, 2011

travel tuesdays!

where i talk about past travel experiences or simple daily "traveling" adventures from which i actually depart my room.

last saturday my dad and i drove down to austin for my audition...we woke up at 5 and i scrambled in a hurry to pack everything i might need (we were coming back that day at 4.........but still) and ran out of the house with no breakfast and departed on a 3 hour car ride to austin...it was really fun. i took my usual place in the back seat and spread out. got out my ipod, did my make-up, changed shirts on a last-minute whim ( i REALLY overpacked), ate a banana and started reading my current romance novel and settled in. it didnt take to long before we were there. austin is a REALLy cool city by the way...it was awesome but it would be a lot cooler if werent so hot (no pun intended) but seriously it was unbearably scorching. i quickly ran inside the hotel where the audition was being held and searched around till i found the audition room (apparently im not good at loooking at signs that point you exactly where to go, because i didnt even see them till afterwards). so i nervously sat down with my script and expected to be waiting there all day, while my dad was out scavenging like he does and of course found an awesome breakfast burrito. but i was actually in under two hours! i got there at 8 and texted my dad i had gone at 9:30, even though i was 1181 in line! so that was cool cuz then we got to explore for the rest of the day. we went to the original whole foods then checked out some street food carts and found an awesome thrift store called Bohemian that was extremely overpriced for a thrift store but i think it was because they only sold realllly cool vintage finds that youd be lucky to find even one of at a regular thrift store. so i guess you could call it a "select" thrift store...and let me tell you it was cool. so here's some pics

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  1. sounds like so much fun. there's still a pink robe with a dragon on the back that i wish i had bought at bohemian. we should go there some time. i can't wait to hear about the audition results!