Thursday, June 9, 2011

recipe thursdays!

(sorry its not an alliteration)
soooo the other day i made like a goat cheese soft taco with a watermelon slushy that was awesome. so here it is, sorry i dont measure things when i cook:
soft taco: sautee some onions and garlic in olive oil and honey then add some rosemary and balsamic vinegar. when all carmelized, add goat cheese to melt and put in a warmed tortilla and add strawberries.
watermelon slushy: blend raspberry juice (its awesome), watermelon, ice, mint, lime juice, and strawberries
makes a good summer lunch

p.s. sorry about the horrible was just on my phone...horrible lighting and composure etc


  1. this sounds delicious. i love the idea of adding honey to help carmelize the onions. does this work better than sugar or do you like the flavor better? is there a reason you use raspberry juice instead of raspberries, (since you say watermelon here). where do you get just raspberry juice? wait a minute did you use your juicer?

    i can't wait till you can come over and make me lunch, ah, it will be awesome. :) okay i'll cook for you occasionally or atleast buy your ingredients.

  2. No I used my blender...and we just had raspberry juice on hand and it tastes really good so I put it in was from central market I think it's raspberry apple juice actually and I just like honey to caramelize it

  3. i also camelized them in balsamic vinegar but i forgot to write that ingredient.....just added it