Wednesday, June 1, 2011

me url may be misleading. i am not from san francisco (that hurts to say). i wish i were. ive been there so many times it feels like a second home to me.....a better home. i love it there so much living in texas seems alien. ok, maybe not so much...but i wish i lived there. living here doesnt feel right, but i make the most of it. braving staggering heat, biting my lip as my sister tells her adventures of living in sf (oh yeah did i mention that?)....but sister rivalries and swealtering heat aside.....texas can be ok....well its getting better anyway...local food is hitting off...better restaurants are popping up.....the summer well....i prefer to stay in my bed cave reading all summer anyway. but anyway.. what the heck is this blog about? i have no idea really....i thought about naming it a forest of thoughts, but decided not to share my deepest thoughts with the internet... so now im taking a diffferent direction.... a swirvy road really. one full of fashion and food and maybe some of my thoughts. i may veer off the road and walk barefoot into a magical forest now and then, so bare with me....and come along it will be a rough path i am sure, but what is life without a little off road adventures?? into a deep twisting forest? who knows what you will find or learn from what i find and learn.........
this blog is a map, or perhaps more correctly a mixmatched guidebook, of me if i were forest


  1. i want to believe desperately that i am a san francisco girl at heart. i go there and feel at home...and not just in the city...the whole bay area is blissful to me and somehow i never feel like coming home. (i recently got a text from someone on vacay that they were having a blast but missed home......i have no understanding of this whatsoever) however, when i least expect it, a love for texas rattles through my spine. i do understand it, because i hate this place, honestly. i think it is a kind of family love. i discovered this because though i constantly make fun of and beat down texas, but when someone else says something in the least pejorative to my state i feel deeply offended and retaliatory....i have no explanation for this other than it is the state i have (ever so against my will) grown up in

  2. so perhaps i am a texas girl at heart? i dont know

  3. Correction: don't understand not do understand :)