Wednesday, June 1, 2011

rose mania i my title so accurately says....last week i went kind of rose maniac. so i recieved a bouquet of roses ( i know right?! but was from my parents) and realized how much i adored these red flowers. ive never been too much of a flower person so i found it odd that i grew such a strong girlish affinity for the romantic cliche. nevertheless....i fell.....and i fell hard. I hung them all around my room...scattered the petals....put whole roses in my hair.....put rose petals in my pockets.....ya this is soo me. yeah everyone thought i was some kind of freak but i loved it and didnt really care what the populous thought (i.e. my class of 12 close friends....) lol! so no because of the extremely small size of my school i was not direly made fun of......i have an appreciation for these people. they have kindly and unjudgingly (ok minor judgements have been made. theyre not perfrect, people) schooled with me despite my many quirks: the crazy hair do's (lets face it: when is my hair NOT crazy) the red lipstick (a still ongoing phase), my harry potter obsession, my strong beliefs about fashion, my awful singing voice (though i love to sing! lol), and my hatred of sports (they dont really understand this at any level), my affinity for trees, my strong food beliefs (noticing a pattern of strong beliefs?) and the list goes on and on. so i may never be normal and im ok with that.....and the next time i get a bouquet of roses (please dont be from my parents!) i will probably become maniacally consumed with the need to put them everywhere, so three cheers to the crazy rose girl and may i never stop living with conviction and passion!

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  1. the pic was a rose petal i had put in my pocket :)